Mission Statement & Company Philosophy

Dimensions South provides cost-effective computer network maintenance and support for small businesses in the metro Atlanta area.

Company History and Philosophy

Jim was working as an independent contractor for another network support and maintenance company in Atlanta. Working as a consultant for small businesses in the Atlanta area, Jim saw that clients wanted cost-effective network maintenance from a knowledgeable, honest provider. Very few competitors in the market were providing network support and service this way. So Jim started Dimensions South with this philosophy. “I wanted to provide my clients with the best network value, offering competitive rates and only applying the appropriate technology.”

Since then, Dimensions South has grown from one employee to four employees and from one client to over thirty. “Our staff is very knowledgeable on such diverse areas such as disaster recovery, remote access services, WAN/LAN/Internet connectivity and anti-virus protection. However, if we don’t know about some area of network support, we’ll admit we don’t have the answer, but then we’ll make sure we find the right answer.”

Jim finds that clients really like the time that Dimensions South consultants spend with the employees on the network. For example, all Microsoft patches are loaded on every workstation. This extra attention to detail makes employees more productive because their workstations lock up less often. Workstations are configured with the latest network software like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer. “Our consultants spend more time with each user than any other competitor in the industry.”

Flexibility is one of the mantras of Dimensions South. Jim says, “For example, you can buy network hardware and workstations through us, or you can order it yourself. Some companies buy in such large quantities that they can get better discounts than we can. Others, like small business owners, don’t want to deal will calling the PC manufacturer or price shopping and prefer us to buy for them. We’ll always accommodate the customer.”

In many cases, the Dimensions South consultants can identify network cost savings for your business. One example is that many companies can convert from a T-1 line to DSL, saving the client hundreds of dollars per month. Many current customers like how Dimensions South supports their primary software applications (“killer apps”) by working to troubleshoot workstation problems with the software vendor.

Let Dimensions South provide your business with cost-effective network maintenance and support. Then, join the rest of Dimensions South’s loyal customers whose employees have hassle free operation of the applications due to a solid, well run network.